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Aviamedic is Indonesia’s most professional Air Medical Evacuation and Repatriation provider. We offer Air Ambulance services for group or individuals in Jakarta and across the Asia. Some patients are too ill to travel on a normal commercial aircraft and will require a dedicated Air Ambulance service.

We communicate with the communities which can identify the challenges. The striving Medical Evacuation Process to make meaningful differences with the participation to society is compulsory. Our strategies have merged through the process of identifying what the company want to accomplish for people where it can have the greatest impact

Once we commit to an area of need, we define major goals and clear path to achieving them. The general ideas of how Aviamedic works should be outlined here. Medical Evacuation Process – A bold remark should be made here that the outline does not define the whole and detail process of the field and offfield standard operating procedures.

Tailored Service

choose your travel options

We establish partnership with every best Airline in Indonesia and across the Asia that suitable for carrying sick passengers

If the sick passenger needs shorter distance flight, our Helicopter provider will be ready to transfer to and from your local airfield or hospital

For those who seek maximum comfortability and exclusivity, we provide the service of air transport by private jet

is Everything

Companion does matter, we believe every sick passenger should have family member beside them all the time. Even though you have dependable medical team and highly skilled pilots there with you, knowing that you have your love one beside you will be the most important thing.

That’s why every – Medical Evacuation Process – medical evacuation service package we have allow one family member accompany you during every flight travel. All AVIAMEDIC air ambulances have the capacity to comfortably carry one companion with the patient during every travel, and we promise you we will treat all those we serve with compassion and kindness.

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