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Indonesia Best Air Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Provider

“It’s my commitment as CEO and medical team mentor to constantly bringing the best service possible Anywhere and everywhere. Being a doctor has been passion since i was a child. I would love to share all of my joy with my fellow medical team member. To lead them, to guide them, in building healthier for our communities. Let me and my medical team fulfill your medical needs of tomorrow, Today“

The geographical conditions of the Republic of Indonesia are so amazingly vast. Aside from a tourists heaven, many companies, international and domestic ones, send their employees or partners to Indonesia. Some even sent to remote places. Now one thing we all know and need to consider. The distribution of the health facilities in this country is not equal. This issue arises as a part of many challenges of the development of infrastructure.

In Aviamedic, we work hard and present the solution to you professionally. We offer the bed to bed service of transporting sick passengers, in the form of medical evacuation or repatriation. Our team consists of highly trained professionals. Ranging from Aviation Medicine Doctors and flight nurses.

As CEO of Aviamedic, I believe that safety and comfort are the essential aspects of doing medical evacuation and repatriation. Our goal is to be the industry leader in Indonesia by providing the best service possible through unmatched professional service for you. Our most valuable customers

Dr. Firman Rachman Masjhur SpKP

Perfection in Companion.

Who we are

Aviamedic is Indonesia’s most professional air medical evacuation and repatriation provider. We set a high standard by pushing our company with an unconventional way of thinking. Today, most of air medical evacuation and repatriation providers employ general doctors. We are different.

Our company consists of highly trained aviation medicine Doctors with more than 30 years of experience. It’s an important aspect due to the different physiological aspect for those who travel by air transportation. The difference of air pressure, less oxygen as altitude increases, and many more. Those things need to be taken into serious consideration.

Not just Aviation Medicine Doctors, our team also consists of pilots from airline and charter company (fixed and rotary wing). Last but not least, the team is supported by highly skilled staff as well, ranging from marketing, design, and IT departments. We really can’t stress out more regarding how our team cares about our customers. Giving bed to bed service air medical evacuation and repatriation as our main products does not stop us. We also have recurring seminar and workshop to educate more about handling patients on air.

In Aviamedic, we strive to provide the best service possible. We embrace the idea of putting together resources, time, and skills, into one complete entity. Our values solely dedicated to our customers with perfection

Vision & Values

To be the First and Trustworthy choice for Air Medical Evacuation and Repatriation provider by the communities we serve and to assist every time there is an unmet medical assistance need, with constant improvement by focusing on excellence.


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